The art of sophistication in colours for interiors.

Colour co-ordination for interiors is an art as well as a science. If you have a dual colour scheme, add a small dash of contrast colour to brighten up the look. For example, if black and white is the major colours in a room, add a cushion or a big vase/planter in bright orange.

If your major colour scheme is multi colours, then keeping your curtains (which covers a larger area in a room) in a plain sober colour of one the same shades will make the overall look less loud and more stylish.

Painting all four walls in one single colour is out. You can colour 3 walls in the same colour and the 4th in a contrasting colour. This offers a fashionable, interesting appearance and removes the monotony.

Today the market has a humongous variety of innovative furniture in terms of sofa sets, cupboards, cabinets, side boards, etc. Buy an interesting piece that goes well with your room and you will have a different look altogether...not to mention an interesting conversation with your guests.

The real trick in interiors colouring is to be sober, be stylish and be sportive.

The Author, Neela J, is currently GM Marketing, Branding, Corp.Communication at RRBC, a real estate developer in Bengaluru.

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