Easy Interiors

To get the best look, avoid cluttering your rooms with artefacts in every nook and corner. An uncluttered room has more balance between open space and items, is more pleasing to the eye, and also has a positive effect on the mind. The mind always responds favourably to open space.

Also, avoid displaying unpleasant pictures such as wreckage, disaster, etc. Seeing these images everyday will affect the mind to be morose and depressed. A pleasant picture will have the opposite effect.

Ensure a good colour scheme that is pleasing to the eye and not garish. You could always look up interior decor magazines to get an idea. The arrangement of your furniture, book shelf or other items in a room helps to make the room look good. One rule to always be followed is to ensure easy walking space, and not wind around the furniture.

You don't always have to display the latest trend in furniture, lamps, shades, etc. It may not be you or your style. Display what you instinctively like and makes you feel good to see it every day. Most of all display what shows your attitude and not someone else's.

The Author, Neela J, is currently GM Marketing, Branding, Corp.Communication at RRBC, a real estate developer in Bengaluru.

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