Wastage in any form is not a good thing, especially in today's scenario. Energy supply is decreasing and users are increasing. Which is a very good reason to conserve and efficiently use available energy, water, fuel, greenery, etc. Whatever we do now, will have a bearing in the future.

Some rules everyone can follow: Don't let water run from tap while brushing teeth (a common practice by most) * Use the outlet soap water from washing machines to clean door steps, garage floors, etc * Lead the last stage rinsed water to your garden * Wash several vegetables together before cooking * Use water from a bucket for bathing, rather than from a shower * Switch off lights, fans when not in use * Switch off geysers quickly * Ensure that ironing is done quick (remember all items that require heat uses up more energy)* Plan your outings in such a way that several chores can be done in one trip, instead of taking the car out several times * If long waits at signal points, switch off the ignition instead of keeping the engine running * Maintain your vehicles well * Always keep a non-plastic bag in the car/2-wheeler, so that you can avoid plastic bags from shops * Pool commute to schools and offices . Serve yourself only as much as you can surely eat, and not pile up food on your plate* Use dead leaves from your garden as manure * Use discarded one-sided printouts for rough paper * Donate previous year's text books to a student who can't afford costly text books * Don't hoard but donate clothes that you no longer use. * Don't trash unwanted papers but give them away for recycling. Add empty cardboard cartons to newspaper bundle to send it for recycling. * Discard electronic items such as computer components, useless mobile phones etc in the prescribed manner and not throw them in general trash. * Ensure your garbage is separated as wet and dry. * Get rid of plastics from your life ASAP.

These are just some simple but effective practices that can be followed every day. You can use your own discretion and add to this list. Not only will your water and electricity bill come down, you will also feel immensely good about being a responsible, green-conscious citizen!

The Author, Neela J, is currently GM Marketing, Branding, Corp.Communication at RRBC, a real estate developer in Bengaluru.

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