Fresh ideas for a garden full of happy plants.

Did you know the best manure for your plants is their own dried leaves? Don't sweep away the fallen dried leaves, but gather them at the plants' root. Soon you will see the leaves are greener and the flowers are more colourful and fresher! How's that for free and eco-friendly manure!

Did you also know that, just like you, plants love coffee and tea? And even vegetables! Every day, when you cut vegetables, put the skin, peels and seeds in a bowl of water, along with coffee rinds and used tea bags. Water your plants with this water and throw away the rest in your green garbage. The water contains nutrients from the peels etc. which is very good for the plants...and you can actually see happy plants!

The Author, Neela J, is currently GM Marketing, Branding, Corp.Communication at RRBC, a real estate developer in Bengaluru.

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