Ibrahim Sahib Street - The alternative shopping destination in Bengaluru

When it comes to the most popular and exciting retail shopping zone in Bengaluru, what comes to one's mind is Commercial Street. Retail shops in Commercial Street, brimming with shops, visited by thousands of shoppers everyday, and selling a variety of domestic and international brands is the favourite haunt of big time shoppers in the city, NRIs and even visitors from neighbouring cities for decades.

One street parallel to Commercial Street is Ibrahim Sahib Street. A street with soul. A street with pulse. A street with nothing missing in terms of fashion products, fabrics, ethnic wear, costume jewellery, delicious eats, footwear...the list goes on.

Shoulder-to- shoulder shops selling top-to- toe stuff. Shop-in- shop set up and spilling out merchandise. Nothing can be better than this for shopperholic's delight. Small shops that have been here through generation, generating good revenue. On this street you would imagine there is not an inch left for new business. You'd be surprised to know that an international mall is emerging!

Right in the centre of the street, sandwiched between Ibrahim Sabih Street and Veerapan Pillai Steet, a retail commercial mall called Plazzo, will house several hundreds of shops on ground plus 4 floors. With conveniences such as escalators and elevators and also basement parking facility, it is the future shopping destination. Shoppers will flow right into Plazzo from Commercial street as well as the front and rear roads of the mall. In fact you can take your vehicle right inside, park at the basement and begin shopping right away from the ground floor stores - indeed a rare convenience.

In fact retail malls in Bengaluru, after Plazzo, especially in this neighbourhood, will gain great significance. For shoppers , Plazzo is undoubtedly the alternative shopping destination, and for the store owners it is definitely a lucrative business option. In fact the new stores on sale are being well marketed and many of the shops have been sold already.

Plazzo is even looked upon as a commercial investment in Bengaluru. Located in the city's CBD, an investment in Plazzo either to run one's own business or to rent it out, is a sure-fire deal for high returns. For this reason Plazzo has a high degree of enquiries for rentals. The no. of shops for rent in Commercial Street now shifts to shops for rent in Ibrahim Sahib Street.

With the advent of Plazzo, there are all the signs of Ibrahim Sahib Street becoming the most popular shopping destination in Bengaluru after Commercial Street. It's only a matter of time that the current footfalls of over 20,000 to 25,000 on weekends and drastically increasing during festivals, will stream into this new luxury shopping mall.

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