Infantry Road - from the British Raj to modern times

When the British established the cantonment area in Bengaluru, Infantry Road was naturally part of the barracks. It was so named along with other roads in the vicinity such as Brigade Road, Cavalry Road, Parade Ground, etc...names hailing from the military background.

Being in CBD, Infantry Road has importance in terms of trade, business and other significant aspects. It is central to all other localities of the city and connects the 4 quadrants of Bangalore. The various big bus stations such as Shivajinagar, Indian Express bus station, Parade ground bus station etc, are all located close to Infantry Road. From Infantry Road itself buses ply to different parts of the city.

Bangalore has several popular sports stadiums and the Chinnaswami Stadium where international sports are held regularly is also very close to Infantry Road. The famous Cubbon Park named after Sir Cubbon, commissioner of that time, is almost adjacent to Infantry Road.

Whatever you want, Infantry Road has it all. The best of healthcare, education, shopping, places of worship, entertainment, excellent connectivity. Now with the Metro being operational, accessibility to any part of the city is the easiest here.

What about housing facilities at Infantry Road? Of late there are several apartment projects on Infantry Road. Infantry Road had many English type of bungalows. But now, old bungalows have given way to the new way of living in apartments and 3 BHK apartments on Infantry Road is becoming common. Especially 3 BHK luxury apartments on Infantry Road are more in demand. Because of the central location and proximity to just about all civic amenities and entertainment a family needs. Luxury apartments on Infantry Road are slowly but definitely emerging and changing the landscape on Infantry Road. The old commercial buildings are being demolished and new modern apartments on Infantry Road are being built, thus having a new residential and commercial mix.

Today, the undeniable fact is that Infantry Road has become an important part of socio economic scenario for more reasons than one. With the huge variety of products and entertainment available at one area, home-owners do not have to commute to different places for different needs. They save commuting time and have more quality time with family and at home.

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