Kitchen simplicity

Easily maintain a clean kitchen as well as your health.

  1. While pouring any liquid from one container to another, always do it near the sink. Easy to just swipe the spilt liquid into the sink.
  2. Keep a bowl of water to put in all the vegetable peels, skins, coffee rinds, tea bags, egg shells, etc. as you cut them. Add this water to you indoor plants after your kitchen work is over...which will probably take a few hours during which time the water will be full of nutrients for the plants. And you'll have less mess to clean up.
  3. Always use milk boilers instead of plain vessels. No messy milk boiling over and spilling all over the place
  4. Music in the kitchen will make your chores less boring and more tolerable. Listen to your favourite tracks and you won't realize how much work has been completed.
  5. Keep separate towels for wiping your hands, for wiping wet vessels and to clean kitchen platform. Wash all the cloths frequently.
  6. Easy accessibility especially of utensils, ladles, spoons, glasses, etc used frequently, will help in higher efficiency.
  7. If you can't immediately find lids or covers for dishes, cover several of them with one large clean towel temporarily.
  8. Keep early morning requirements such as items for coffee making etc. ready the previous night.
  9. Stick a small memo pad with a pen in a convenient place to jot down 'to-do' things.
  10. Always wait for a few seconds before opening the microwave door when heating any dish.
  11. Have a small chair in the kitchen for you to rest once in a while. Frequently drink water and hydrate yourself.

Any job can be made simple and easy with some basic innovative ideas.

The Author, Neela J, is currently GM Marketing, Branding, Corp.Communication at RRBC, a real estate developer in Bengaluru.

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